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The Widows Oil helps people achieve their personal life goals. Helps people through life transitions, helping people put the pieces of their lives back together when they are down and out. Helping people to live their lives to the fullest.

Our Intention

Sometimes in life, we all could use some assistance to help manage what is overwhelming, solve a persistent problem or to offer support through a life transition. The Widows Oil Ministry offers specialized supports through various services and programs in the community of the client, as well as through life coaches in our ministry.

One of our goals is to equipped single mothers/widows with excellent car repair. Teaching them how to learn to know their car, keeping it's history up to date. Knowing what to "see" before a major repair becomes a budget problem. Teaching the children early on, how to assist with the maintenance of the family vehicle.  

After assisting the mother/her family with a well cared for vehicle, we then go to the next "vehicle" in their lives...their personal healthy lifestyle.       Here we encourage new ways to create the balance of a healthy lifestyle to change unhealthy ways/mind sets into new ones with education,               life coaches & teamwork.

We are adding more sponsors to our site every week. And they will have many outstanding offers. Every purchase you make from them helps us help families in need. Thus everyone helps each other reach their goals. 
And single moms, their families,and beloved pets get love, support, and their needs met because of your purchases. Thank You!

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